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Mobile WebUI Help

I'm trying to build a very basic form for external users to enter some data and hitting a roadblock and hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

The people this form is intended for are not employees and don't have any experience with QB so I'm trying to keep it very simple. The plan is for them to access it through a browser on either a computer or their phone. I created a form to be used for these users which works fine on a computer but when using a phone, a few of the elements are missing. Specifically a report link and a button to add new child records. Attached are screenshots showing the same form.

Saving the record on the phone returns them to the app homepage but the purpose of this form requires them to add child records, so having them return to the home page adds extra steps/complexity on their part. 

So, I guess my question is - how can I set this up so the user can create an Order record, then easily add child records on their phone. It functions fine on a computer but this will mostly be used on a phone.


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  • The mobile interface leaves a lot to be desired and is very buggy, but hopefully this will be solved when they release the new mobile forms in the fall. Here are some notes about mobile behavior, as well as bugs you will run into during this process:

    1. On mobile devices, in add mode you do not see report links or URL buttons to add children. The record must first be saved before these options are available.
    2. On mobile devices, when you are in VIEW mode and add a child record, once you are finished adding the child you will be returned to the parent as expected. If you are in EDIT mode and add a child, once done adding the child you will land on the child itself. This is a bug, that is not intended to be fixed.

    Possible Solutions:

    1. For #1, I had used a rich text button taking advantage of the %%rid%% functionality in order to create the child. I could help with this code except - that functionality broke last week, and thus far QB has not fixed it. I am not even sure it will be fixed. So, you could wait to see if they fix that, or the only other solution I can think of is to force the user to save the record first. There are a couple other options, but every one of them relies on QB fixing the %%rid%% bug.
    2. For #2, I add a custom 'return to parent' button on my child, so that if they get stuck on the child they can get back.