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2 years ago

Multi-Select Field in Reports

Hi all,

I would like to use Multi-Select Fields in reports but I would like to have the data separated, as if they were used as tags.

As an example say I have three sites and for each site I do maintenance but on the one site I only do maintenance on the UPS and PSUs, while for another I do UPS and ISP and another I do ISP and On-Site, such that:
Site 1: UPS, PSU
Site 2: UPS, ISP
Site 3: ISP, On-Site

Currently if I use the multi-select field in reporting, I'd get:
ISP, On-Site: 1

But what I want is:
UPS: 2
PSU: 2
ISP: 2
On-Site: 1

Is there anyway for me to separate the multi-select field into it's separate texts? 

Thanks in advance!

Aylana Vorster

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  • If you use the field as a dynamic filter, you can isolate each one on a report.  But fir the reporting you actually want, you would need to have a relationship and a Many to Many join table.

    one site has many equipment assignments
    one equipment has many equipment assignments and your reporting would be off the equipment assignments table.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Thanks! The dynamic filter does give me a way to get the amount for each assignment, although tedious. I will look into the many-to-many and reply here if I succeeded.

      Aylana Vorster