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3 years ago

Multi-Select Text Formula Query

I am trying to use a formula query to populate a multi-select text field.  I have part of the formula working, but it is not behaving as a multi-select text field.  All of the results are displayed in a single row, they are encapsulated in a box and are not selectable. 

This is my starting point:

var text queryTask = "{'31'.GT.0}AND{'59'.EX." & [Project Number] & "}";
var textlist taskList= GetFieldValues(GetRecords($queryTask, $tableID), 67);


Paul Peterson

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  • Hi Paul,

    Unfortunately there is not a way today to build a multi-select text field that pulls its list of options via a formula query. In the case of formula multi-select text fields, those exist to allow formulas to be written to pull in a list of text options based on values in the record for display purposes but not for the purposes of making a list of options for a user to manually choose from. The formula fields just allow you to arrange the data from the formula to look like a multi select text entry for display and things like data import/export.

    Evan Martinez