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2 years ago

Multi step Approval Workflow

I've read many posts regarding approval but I am yet to find an easy enough solution that will work for me. 

I am building a pre-travel request platform and the approval process is this:

A Travel Officer submits a pre-approval request. The request is then routed to the following specified employees.

  1. Project/Line Manager (if specified, if not then 1st approver would be #2)
  2. Head of Unit
  3. Travel Desk Officer
  4. Finance Officer
  5. Final Approver

At any step:

  1. The approver's response (Approve, Deny or Reject) should be recorded along with the date and time.
  2. the approver should be able to leave notes via a comment box.
  3. the approver should be able to reject the request to a previous step.
  4. Approvers should be able to record their responses by clicking a button in the notification email.

I believe I build it out using a combination of ideas (buttons, pipelines, etc) found in various posts but I am hoping there is an integration, addon or extension out there that can simplify this build.

Anya IT

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  • Setting up an Approval Process that utilizes a complex approval pathway can be difficult, but is a pretty common use case. Before I can make any suggestions, a few questions:

    1. What's the structure of your app look like?
    2. Are you trying to do everything on one record or do you have child records for the various approval steps?
    3. Are these approval steps required to be done in order or can they be concurrent (based on your notes, I'm assuming in order)? 

    Blake Harrison
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      Hi Blake, 

      Thanks for responding.

      It's a simple structure each Pre Travel Request has many Approval records.

      Right now I am attempting to do child records for various approval steps but still not sure if this is the right approach.

      Yes, the approval steps are required to be done in order.

      Anya IT