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2 years ago

Multiple Child Records for Multiple Parent records

We have a parent table - Projects.
And a child table - Vendor Invoices
We have a button to create a Vendor Invoice record from the parent.

We often receive vendor invoices that cover multiple projects.
We currently have to go into each parent and create these records separately.
Sometimes this can be dozens of projects at a time, so it is cumbersome and time consuming.

Is there a way to create multiple child records and have them reference the various parent records that they need to reference?

Vonda M. Hall, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Mercury Tech Partners, LLC


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  • Yes you can have your current Vendor invoices and then create a new Many to Many join table called Project Vendor Invoices.

    One Project has Many Project Vendor Invoices.
    One Vendor Invoice has many Project Vendor Invoices.

    The the Project would have an embedded report of all the Project Vendor Invoices  and similarly the Vendor Invoice would also have an embedded table of the Project Vendor Invoices.

    There is then a fast way to quickly launch off a vendor invoice to create those join records by landing on a report of projects and clicking to create the join record.  Contact me directly by email if you would like some help getting that set up so its slick and quick for your users.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)