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11 months ago

Need a Rolling 3 month Report

Hi all,

My department wants to track all categories and the level they were assigned to. Both categories and levels are drop down fields.  There are 9 categories to choose from and 4 different levels.  However, they only want to track level 0, if level 0 had 12 or more assigned in the category. Track level 1 if it had 6 or more assigned, Track level 2 if it had 3 or more.  Track all for level 3 and 4. And they only want a rolling 3 month period.  How do I create this?


Category 1 was assigned level 0 - 9 times (do not count)

Category 1 was assigned level 1 - 7 times (count)

Category 2 was assigned level 0 - 15 times (count)

Thank you for all your help,


Sandralee Oster
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