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2 years ago

Need help with a formula

I need some help with this formula. Using two tables, the formula field (PC Assigned ((User field)) ) lives in the customers table.
Lead - Region is multiple choice field
EC is a user reference field
Here's the logic:

If the (Lead - Region) = x then result a
if the (Lead - Region) = y then result b
If the (Lead - Region) = z AND the (EC) = specific user, then c

The last case is because we have a region that is split with two people.

I've tried a few different ways to write this and am getting errors in different spots no matter what way I try. Any insight is helpful!

Darian Vigil

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  • Can you copy/paste your exact formula?

    Ahuva Brown
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      If(Contains([Lead - Sales Regional manager], "Idaho",,
      If(Contains([Lead - Sales Regional manager], "Cache", and {Lead-EC],,

      It's throwing me errors after "Idaho" it's saying the "," is "Expecting )"

      Darian Vigil
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        try this
        Contains([Lead - Sales Regional manager], "Idaho"), "",
        Contains([Lead - Sales Regional manager], "Cache") and [Lead-EC]=true, ""

        Can you tell me what field type [Lead-EC] is?  If it is not a checkbox field then please explain in words what logic you are looking for involving that field.

        Steven Shweky
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    I know it seems silly, but put AND in lowercase - and. I've had formulas not work properly when and is in all caps. 

    IF( [Lead - Region] = x, a,
          [Lead - Region] = y, b,
          [Lead - Region] = z and [EC] = user, c,
          [Lead - Region] = z and [EC] = otherUser, d,
          e // ** optional result if none of those are true *** 

    Katlyn Allen