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5 years ago

Need to pull the date of the last version from the revision history of a file attachment field

I would need to pull the date of the last revision of a file attachment (as included in the revision story) so to display in the record.
Is there any native formula to do it?

Pablo D.

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  • Hi Pablo, you can create an automation to do this. First, create a new table called Revision Dates, which just includes a date field called Revision Date. Then relate this new table as a child of the table where your file attachment field is located.

    Finally, create an automation whose trigger looks something like this:

    When a user modifies a record
    in this table: (table where your file attachment field is)

    Additional CRITERIA
    Start the automation when
    Any of the following fields change: (your file attachment field)

    Then set up an action to add a record. When you do, select your new Revision Dates table so Quick Base keep a list of revision dates for each record.

    The action will just fill in one field, like this:
    (Revision Date) (Select from a calendar) (Today)

    so it will fill in the date the file was updated.

    Please note that this will set up tracking so, in the future, whenever a user updates the file attachment, you will record the dates. However, there is not a way to retroactively apply this to existing file attachment revisions.

    Brian Cafferelli
  • Reviving an old thread... Is the ability to pull existing file attachment revision dates now available?  Would love to be able to harvest this data in our application.  

    Of course, will be logging dates moving forward :)