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12 months ago

New Form - form rule to show section after saved and validated


I'm trying to show a "thank you, we've received your order" section once all the required fields are filled in and the user hits "save". I've set up a form rule for the section, but the "Run this rule when someone saves a record after validating" is greyed out. 

I'd be happy to display a message rather than show the section, but the option is still greyed out.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you,


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  • Hey there,

    The form rule run options are based on the actions you select. In this case, show action is not supported to be run when users click save. This is why this option is greyed out. You can read more about which actions are supported in which form rule run options in this help article -

    Please make sure to add this as a feedback by using the "Give feedback" button on the left side of the My Apps page.

    Kristina Hristova