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6 months ago

New Form Issue: Open Link in Another Tab when adding Record

In New Forms,  I'm attempting to create any kind of link or button that will open a PDF stored in another location while an EOTI user is Adding a record.

EOTI Use Case:

1.  EOTI User is adding a record and needs to attach a hand signed form.

2.  Beside the attachment field exists a Formula URL button to "View Blank Form" to allow for download/print.  Button is set to Open Target: In new window.

3.  Idea is that User can navigate to a new tab/window by clicking this button without losing their progress.  We do not allow EOTI to Save/Edit... only Add/Submit in this application.

Unfortunately, all methods I've tried (URL / Formula URL / Formula Rich Text / Rich Text Form Element) will not allow this navigation to occur and causes a notification to the EOTI User:

This shouldn't happen if the button is target a new tab?


Kurt Johnson
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