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12 months ago

New Forms - Hiding Form Elements - (&ifv=0)

Hi Team,

Like everybody else i have been equally excited by the new forms and coming across issues.

I currently use the &ifv=0 at the end of the URL formula buttons to lose all of the QB 'stuff' for some EOTI data entry elements.  This doesn't appear to work for me with the new forms.  Any clues?

This is a URL that currently works for me, from a Dashboard that is EOTI.

WHen i try a similar URL with a 'new form' the web page just doesn't render.

Anybody else come across this issue yet and/or have a suggestion?



Gerome Rich

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  • I too am curious if there is something like ifv=xx that would work on the new forms. I noticed it does not work on new forms and dashboards.

    Mike Tamoush
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    Has anyone heard anything new with regard to this lately?  I've been wanting to append the ifv tag to these new forms as well.  Thanks!