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24 days ago

Hide Add Button

Hello and happy Friday - 

I would like to have an add button hidden until a certain record in the app has met it's outcome, and then once that record is considered closed allow the add button to display again letting the user add a new record. 

Any assistance on how to do this or reference material that walks through the process of setting this up?

Many thanks, 


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  • Can you tell us which Add button you mean?  Did you mean an Add Child button on a Parent Record, or an add button for a whole table. Also, can you give us some idea of what these conditions are?

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      In the parent record there is a relationship built to a child table and has a button to add a record to the child table from the parent table. However, I don't want the add button to display unless the child record has meet the outcome of being closed to allow the user to then add a new record. 

      • Ok sure.  Make a summary field on the relationship to check if ANY of he children are open.  Call it say [Any Open Responses?]

        Then make a Form Rule that if  

        [Any Open Responses?]


        Then hide Add Child button.