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11 months ago

New Forms - limited form rules

Hi everyone,

I've had a play around with the new forms, and there's a few things I'm not keen on. I've found a couple of bugs where rules just won't let you edit them, you have to delete the rule and start again, but that's another story. I have a number of forms with rules that prevent a person from saving a record unless certain other conditions are met.

With the new forms, they do look better, and a bit of optomisation to speed them up aside, I think they have a lot of potential. But they are lacking a few features from the legacy forms rules.

Does anyone know if there are workarounds? I'd rather avoid adding more and more pipelines as we already have quite a few of those at the moment. But I would be willing to try if that's the only option with the new forms. Specifically at the moment, I need a way to prevent a form being saved and to bring up a popup message when certain conditions are/aren't met.

Alternatively, if anyone is aware if those rules are due to be added to the new forms in a coming update, it might be worth me waiting for that update before I continue playing around with the new forms.

Joe Alderson

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  • One of the biggest issues is that within a Rule Action, you cannot change the value of a field to another field unless the field types match exactly.  For example, I cannot change the value of a text field to the value within a number field, or ANY other field unless the field type is also text.

    On my organization, this is a HUGE oversight and completely stops the transition to the NEW FORMS as dead in the water until they resolve this.

    I did submit a ticket and was told they are working on this issue, but there is no ETA.  I find this to be extraordinarily unprofessional, as the New Forms were release into beta and made to be the new default form, but they are not truly ready for prime time.

    Within the first two days of the new release, I submitted about 6 tickets, all of which were valid issues.  Half of them were closed already and I have been told they are working on the issue.

    The new forms have a lot of promise, but also have a lot of issues so far.  The UI changes are nice.  I do wish they provided the ability to also allow sections to be organized in columns, but you can only organize content within sections into columns.  Still better than before.

  • Totally Agree with you! 

    Lack of EDIT is a MAJOR issue! 

    Also - a few triggers that we had before are missing. 

    An EXPORT feature like the pipelines YAML files could be useful. too. 

    One thing/area that might be useful would be to explore the formula builder - from what I gather the results of the formula must be a boolean, and if TRUE the RULE ACTION kicks in, if FALSE it doesn't execute. 

    You might be able to do complex comparisons and tests using it. 

    NOTE -- as far as i can see - there is NO way to access to prior field value for any value that changed in the form session. 

    joe vandervest