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2 years ago

Not thinking, I deleted placeholders when I registered the matching user.

I assumed the placeholder would remain in red and it did not :-( Did not think it through.

I also did not realize it until a few days after the fact so there is no copy to pull from. I do have the initial data import file to attempt to import and match but this past year is missing from my initial data. Would that need to be updated manually or is there a history somewhere I can go back and correct?

Jillian P

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  • This a Quickbase support ticket.

    You should be able to ask them to restore the App from the backup the night before the mistake was made. Then you can manually enter them back into the production App.

    If the placeholders were part of a selection in a User-List, and the User-List is a required field and now no one can edit the records that have the missing Placeholder, you can re-select the User or re-enter the deleted Users. 

    The alternative is to abandon the production App and move the production table data into the restored App. 

    Neither option sounds like fun if it's a big App.

    Jim Harrison
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