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11 months ago

Notifications - Custom internal and external email addresses

I have a database setup for multiple projects. Notifications have been setup and works if I configure "Notify whom" to use the names in the field "Project Users (Field type List-Users). The problem with this is I can only include emails with an internal account, whereas I also need to include external emails. I don't want to have to create accounts for every email address who would have no need to access the database.

Is there a way I can configure a new field somehow where I can manually enter the email addresses(including distribution list emails) I want to send to for each project and use that field for the "Notify whom"?

I know I can request to set permission type to Open to allow external email addresses, but this also means every projects emails goes to one list of people rather than project specific. As there will be hundreds of projects, I don't want to have to duplicate a notification template hundreds of times with a condition on when it is triggered specific to a project ID.

In summary what I'm trying to achieve is a way to configure the "Notify whom" field to a field with custom email addresses.


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  • No problem.

    it's not documented, but you can make an Open Notification. The carefully type a vertical list of field(s) which each contain a single email address.

    [outside email 1]

    [outside email 2]
    [outside email 3]

    The fields must be type email or formula email  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)