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10 months ago

Oppenheimer Quickbase App

For those of you in The Qrew who have seen "Oppenheimer", or know the story well of how he led a team on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico in a race to put on the Trinity test, here's a question for you...
How would you have designed a Quickbase app to make this project more efficient? What would be the key tables, relationships, Pipelines, APIs and other considerations you would include? What would be the governance needs you would have to factor in to make this the most secure Quickbase app in the history of Quickbase apps? Where do you think your app would help save this team time? 

If you have no idea what this film is about, here's your direction: 

You are running a top secret protect that involves hundreds of people. There are two people, you and one other person, who need to be able to see everything. You have eight different departments. Departments have department leads. Departments only need to see work in their department. Departments and leads cannot see work being done in other departments. 

How would this app be constructed? 

Ben Simon

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