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4 years ago

Order of execution

Does anyone know what the order of execution for Quickbase is?

For example, first formula fields are calculated, then automations fire, then pipelines execute.

Jessica Feauto

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  • All formula and summary fields will resolved when you save the records.  Then any Automations and Pipelines will fire in an unpredictable order.  They both run "multi threaded", so it's basically what is called a race condition. They race and a random one will win the race.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Is there a way to have one pipeline (which triggers on record created) to run its course and then at the end, kick off a second pipeline? They both act on the same record created, but I'm trying to avoid having to combine them into one pipeline if I can just order them to execute sequentially.

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        I spent some of the morning trying to solve this same problem, the solution I came up with was to add a checkbox field to the record which is marked "true" as the final step in pipeline 1, then I adjusted the trigger in my second pipeline to run when that checkbox is checked

        I'm sure Mark has a nicer solution but this was good enough for my needs