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2 years ago

Ordering Results from Pipeline Search

Greetings all,

I've got a case where a client is trying to search a batch of records and perform the resulting actions on them in a particular order, based on a date field in those searched records. For example, let's say they have 5 sales orders with 5 different due dates - they want the search to pick up all 5 SOs but perform the following actions on the one with the earliest due date first, then run up the list in ascending date order.

Melissa Doran's post in this thread works wonders for one-off grabs, but doesn't quite get what I need in this case. How have you all handled this thing in your development?


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  • You could try using the QB API channel instead of search channel. That would allow you to add a sortBy key in the body of the request to sort it how you want. And you can then loop through the list of json objects in the next step.

    Nathan Allan