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2 months ago

Outlook Event Responses

Summary: Does anyone know how/if I could capture the responses to an Outlook Event that was built from my app? Using pipelines, I can retrieve the Event, but I'm having trouble getting it to recognize the individual attendees and match them to a Participant record in the app.

Details: I have a Meetings table that can, if requested, trigger a Pipeline to create a corresponding Outlook Event and retain the Outlook ID on the Meeting record. The Meeting record is parent to the records in a Meeting Participants table. When the Outlook Event is created, it uses a combined field to grab the email addresses of the Outlook attendees.

In the list of Outlook Event fields that I can be referencing, I see that Attendee is one, with email address and response. So my goal is to have each attendee matched to the Participant record. But I believe I need another step to separate out all the attendees.

I tried asking the pipeline to dump all the attendee data ({{b.attendees}} into new field on the table in order to try a regex on the results, but the pipeline failed.

Current Pipeline:

  • Query Meeting Records that have an Outlook ID assigned and whose Start Date/Time is after now.
  • For each Meeting, start a Loop
    • Find the Outlook Event using the Outlook ID
    • Query the Participant Records that have the same Meeting ID and whose email address equals an Attendee email (I think this is where I'm going wrong. How can I ask it to separate out the attendees?)
    • For each Participant Record, start a Loop
      • Update the Participant Record with the Outlook attendee response

Thanks in advance!

Carlie Maheurin
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