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4 months ago

Pipelines - Outlook Events

I have pipelines created for our service application to create tech dispatches via Outlook calendar events when tasks are created.  

I want to add a link to the task record in QB as part of the Outlook event body but I cant seem to create it.  

Can anyone help or know how to do this? 

Joshua Case

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  • The event body should be able to accept HTML in which case you could add something like this:

    <a href="{{}}">Link to Task</a>

    you'll need to replace the "yourcompany" with your realm name and the "tasktableid" with the 9 digit table ID for the Task table. You can change the label "Link to Task" to whatever you want the link text to be.

    {{}} is the reference to the Task Record ID# which I assume is in step a.

    Let me know if that works!


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