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3 years ago

Outlook Pipeline Inquiry - PDFs


I'm mapping out a build and am trying to understand if the following is possible. We receive a lot of PDF invoices via email through Outlook. These invoices are manually downloaded and processed outside of Outlook and QB with no easy way of tracking. Is it possible to have an Outlook Pipeline query the emails and then extract/copy the PDF from a given email into a request in QB? That way they don't even need to go into the Outlook inbox and all the "requests" are funneled to QB.

I've browsed around, but I can't seem to find anything that indicates whether this is possible or not.


Curtis Middleton

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  • Hi Chris,
      our email parser add-on can help with this. You would have to setup a forwarding rule in outlook to forward those emails to an email address that we provide you with and then we can take the pdf file as well as the message/subject etc form the email and save that into quickbase.
    demo here:

    Keith Jusas