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3 years ago

Outlook/Exchange Integration for Multiple Users

Is there a solution to integrating Quickbase to Outlook/Exchange for multiple users? I am looking for a way to send emails and calendar invites to customers through Quickbase but have the messages come from each individual user vs a single email address (it would be a bonus if we can track replies as well). I am open to all possible options. 

Chris Curtis

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  • I believe @Juiced Tech may have some add-ons that can help you with this type of thing.

    Alternatively, for sending emails sometimes I just use the native capability where the user can click a button and it opens a new email in your default email client (typically outlook for most). You can choose the subject, body, to:,cc:, etc.

    The user does then have to manually send the email, but it comes from their address. If this is something you are interested in, I can share the general code. Note, that this will not use file attachments, rather just links. Juiced has options to send emails with attachments, and other fun stuff.

    Mike Tamoush