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10 months ago

Package Tracking Information

I'm trying to create a formula to decipher which shipping company the tracking number scanned relates to. Once it's scanned, a field would auto-populate to the courier that relates to the tracking info.

For example, I know UPS utilizes '1Z' in their tracking information, however it doesn't always contain '1Z'. They sometimes use 12 characters. Fedex also utilizes 12 characters. Is there a way to decipher which courier the tracking number relates to, or do I have to have the user manually choose from another field if it's UPS or FedEx?

Ziyad Elabady

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  • There is an expression we sometimes use in Quickbase. Probably attributed to the famous Kirk Trachy, now retired from QuickBase.

    If you want to see if we can do it.  

    If you can invent or locate a source for verbal rules about how to tell which tracking number format  is associated with each courier, we can write a formula to calculate the name of the courier.  I don't recall anybody ever posting such a Formula on this forum in the last 20 years though.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)