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3 years ago

PIPELINE...Am I doing this right?


I'm creating a pipeline to replace an automation I have (working on making the switch).

This is the automation - basically copy what's in one field to another if request status changes.

Here's My Pipeline:

Thanks in Advance!

Renee Hansen

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    It looks like your automation fires on either Add or Modify, but your Pipeline is set up for Modify only.  Other than that, this looks perfect.

    Brad Lemke
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      I made the same mistake when first starting with pipelines.
      To get a pipeline to trigger on Edit and Insert you need to use the "On New Event" trigger

      and select both On Add and On Modify

      Simon H
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        Just to echo what has been said above. I now I'll try to start all my Triggers on new event because you never know when you have to circle back later and change the trigger and as you know with pipelines we can't change previous steps or the trigger once they're built. So if you start a new event then you have flexibility if they need to change in the future.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)