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3 months ago

Pipeline Creation Tracking

I have an app with ~100 active pipelines performing all sorts of different actions, but there are some performing similar actions that sometime run in parallel and occasionally run into each other, causing debugging issues trying to figure out which pipeline most recently performed an action on a record & why. Is there a way to create a pipeline that could create a record in a Pipeline Tracking table anytime a new pipeline is created or modified, and what update was made, or is pipeline auditing something that would have to be done manually by our team anytime they made a new one? Just trying to think of ways we can better organize how these are being used so we can see potential issues ahead of time. Tagging pipelines only goes so far. 

Harrison Smith

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  • So a Pipeline that monitors other Pipelines? Unfortunately no, they don't communicate to each other like that at the platform level. Likely a manual process. 

    Chayce Duncan