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Pipeline for bulk date changes


I am trying to figure out how to change dates on bulk records. Example: Software deployment over 10 days with 10,000 clients total with 1,000 clients per night. Say it was scheduled to start this past Monday 5/22 and run Mon-Fri through 6/2 (10 business days). Sometime before the start this deployment needed to be postponed by two weeks and it now needs to start on 6/5. How do make the changes. I have suggestions below from my Support case and I have done some Pipe line training but I cannot figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

Grid Edit:
You can enter grid edit on an existing report and update the dates much faster. You also have the ability to copy and paste (Ctrl + C to copy and then Ctrl + V to paste on Windows) from one cell into another. So if you wish to update every date on the report (at least on that page of the report, you may have to go through multiple pages and update them), you can click one cell that has the date you wish to copy, copy it, then click on the column header and hit the paste command (Ctrl + V). This will overwrite the entire column with that date. If you wish to only show certain records, you can enter the filter criteria in that related report to only show the relevant records and then enter grid edit mode. This will be the most convenient way to mass update records, however, depending on how many records you have and the diversity of the dates you need to update, it may be tedious.

Your other alternative would be to use a pipeline. The pipeline could be designed to update the date on certain records that you specify. So for example, if you create a simple two step pipeline that would 1. Search Records and then 2. Update Record, you could update your records this way (for a more efficient pipeline, you may want to look into using the Bulk Record steps). The Update Record step would update only the Date field with your desired date. The Search Records step would search for all records matching a criteria you specify in the step. In both cases, you would need to manually select the filter criteria and date of which to update to.

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