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12 months ago

Pipeline for Timecard Aggregation

We are trying to consolidate the timecard from different applications into a single table (Aggregation) in a separate application.

While doing that, we need to check whether the same employee has filled the timecard on the same day, for the same project, and for the same timecard type or not.

If yes, the duration should be added against the existing project for the same day under the timecard type under the table (Aggregation). Otherwise, it should create a new entry to the table.

How can we add a duration (from another field from another application) to a field (duration in Aggregated table), with its current value by pipeline?

Also, we would like to know, how many such pipelines can be triggered from the same application in a day and its performance. What will happen to a pipeline if more than 50 triggers happen in a minute from the same table?

It would be great if you can provide some insight into the performance of the pipeline.
Please let us know if further information is needed.

Sudhir B
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