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3 years ago

Pipeline Help: Inserting a Timestamp Into the File Name (SharePoint Channel)

Hello! I am generating a CSV file 6x day (i.e. every 4 hours) and uploading it to a SharePoint folder. Everything works great overalI; I am currently attaching the record_id to the beginning of each file (to solve for the latest file overwriting the last one), however I am being asked if we can begin each file with a date/time stamp instead if possible.

I successfully used {{|date_ymd}} to create a date but nothing is working for time; not {{}} nor {{}}. Error messages are embedded for context. Has anyone succeeded doing this?

Nelson Arce

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  • You are getting that error because filenames in share point cannot have ":"

    Try this:
    {{"%Y-%m-%d %H %M %S")}}​​

    That should work, you can change the text where needed, but that should make it work

    Sean Connaughton