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Qrew Cadet
3 months ago

Pipeline Help

We need help building a pipeline for our Overall Status fields that has multiple conditions. We want to grab Overall status based on the criteria given below. QBID Overall Status Pr...
  • MarkShnier__You's avatar
    3 months ago

    OK great. So this is just a formula on the Programs Table but before you make the formula,  just like baking a cake,  you need to get all your ingredients (fields) all ready on the Programs Table.

    So just make a series of summary Fields on that relationship.  If you're checking for any of the children to have some condition then there is a special checkbox summary field which is very efficient for that purpose.  

    If you need to check a condition like all of the children are certain status then you need to count the number of children in one summary field and have another summary field that just counts the children in that other status, and then if you compare those two summary fields and the count of all of the children equals the count of the children in a certain status then all of them are in that status.  

    When you make an IF statement in Quickbase, unlike Excel,  you do not need to nest your IFs,  so that makes it a whole lot easier to read. So you just start like this  


    first condition test, "result 1",

    second condition test, "result 2",

    tenth condition test, "result 10",

      "result if not previous condition was true")

    Like most of us, Quickbase really doesn't want to do any more work than necessary so it starts at the first condition in your IF statement in the sequence you have listed them and checks if that's true. If it is true it gives the results and it doesn't do any more checking.   If it's not true then it metaphorically does a sigh, and it tests the next condition and so on until it gets to the very end.  

    I suggest that you build your formula very vertically so it's easy to read.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)