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2 years ago

Pipeline Limit Error, but Only Hit Half the Limit?

I have never ran into this issue before. I copied my app in QuickBase and then I started copying all the pipelines to connect to the new App. In total there are 58 pipelines that have to be copied over. When I get to pipeline # 43, it gives the "Only 90 pipelines may be created for this table". Not all the pipelines trigger on the same table, so there's no way I have hit the 90 pipeline limit. (this is a common process before and have never had this issue).

I am the only one that makes pipelines so I know someone else isn't adding them, plus I am the only one with access to the app as I don't provide access until the pipelines are all added.

Anyone have any ideas on why I may be experiencing this?


Connection Central for number of connected Pipelines to App:

Kaitlyn Stanley

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  • Finally QB Support got back to me about this.

    The issue is that every time you copy an App in QuickBase it also copies all of the Pipeline Webhooks on the backend from the original app. There is no access to view these Pipeline Webhooks, so if you have to copy the app, then you have to get with QB Support and have them remove all the (as they referred to it 'ghost' webhooks) inactive Pipeline Webhooks on every table for you. Otherwise eventually you will run into the Only 90 Pipelines per table error.

    Kaitlyn Stanley
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      Thx for letting us all know!  Pretty obscure. 

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)