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Pipeline loop question

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to find a way to relate a parent and child through a pipeline, after first ranking the parents, and then determining if the child meets certain criteria. The parent is a record of a call recording. The child is an independent contractor's schedule which includes their capacity in audio minutes for that scheduled period to complete a transcript of the recording. I've already written the formula field in the child to determine remaining capacity, now I'm trying to figure out how to get the pipeline to work.

It's going to be a scheduled pipeline instead of being triggered by a new call record created because some calls are higher priority than others. There's also a priority formula in the parent table. Having the pipeline run on a schedule allows for the instance where record 1 and record 2 are created in close proximity to each other, but record 2 is a higher priority than record 1 and thus needs priority in the assignment.

My initial thought is to start with a record search in the pipeline for the call record with the lowest number in the rank field (it's a Size(GetRecords()) formula query). However, let's say it's towards the end of the day and the call with the lowest rank is 45-minutes long, but none of our contractors have the capacity to turn that call around today. Let's say then that the call ranked after after that one is only 15-minutes and a contractor has capacity to do that one. How do I set up the pipeline to say, for the record with rank 0 test to see if a contractor has capacity in their schedule to take that record. If no schedule records have capacity, then move on the record with rank 1, and so forth.

There's another dimension to this that I wanted to add eventually, which is to rank order the contractors' schedules as well. So let's say Anne and Margaret both have capacity to take that 15-minute call, but Anne will complete the work 1-hour before Margaret. How do I make sure the call goes to Anne? Calculating a contractor's speed is possible because I have their start and end time and their capacity in audio minutes during that time.


Daniel Johnson
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