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3 years ago

Pipeline Record Search Advanced Filter didn't find any records

I've continued messing with these pipelines.

I have a pipeline that does a Search Records prior to Update Record the record(s) found and clearing 3 checkboxes.

This is the Advanced Query from the search.  The text was taken from the Run log.  When the pipeline runs, it says Found No Records of Record Type.  


Field 40 is a Date Time field
Fields 81, 109 and 110 are Checkbox fields

The value of the date Date Time field in the records is yesterday, the 10th, at 10:00 am.  Does that not qualify as 'yesterday'?

What am I missing with getting these records found and updated.  I want to find all the records from yesterday's event and the Update Record to reset the checkbox to false/off.

Katherine Oakey

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  • At your skill level (and mine!!), I would dumb this down. 

    Make a native checkbox formula field in QuickBase. Use that single field in your regular filter (not advanced query). 

    But if you want to learn the syntax others in this forum will have to wade in or you will need to research the help if it exists. Or the QuickBase Junkie may have courseware. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Giving this a bump.

      I posted a thread yesterday about trying to use formula fields as key fields/webhooking in text to a key field and the limitations I was facing there. I'm trying instead to solve the problem with a pipeline:

      Step A
      Trigger when status or currently assigned to fields change. Include date of assignment and currently assigned to and related parent field for future steps.

      Step B
      Search for records in the parent table where the user in step A equals the user in the record being searched AND where the date field in the record from step B equals the assignment date in step A. Jinja expressions:
      {% if == %}
      {% endif %}

      {% if == a.date_assigned %}
      {% endif %}

      Step C
      Update the related parent field of the record from step A with the record ID of the record found in step B.

      The pipeline gets triggered and when it gets to step B the activity log says, "Found no Records of Record type" even though both of the Jinja expressions evaluate to true. Also, I have to use a Jinja expression for the date because the native expressions for date fields in pipelines doesn't have an "equals" or "is" option.


      Daniel Johnson