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2 years ago

Pipeline to create a new Project in Quickbooks

I am not seeing much online on how to create a New Project with an existing Customer using a pipeline.  
We already have it set to create a new customer in Quickbooks when a new record is created in Quickbase; but I am not finding a way to add a new Project with our Job Number in it. 

Any advice? 

Thank you!

Jennifer Meyer

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    In Pipelines, the JSON Handler channel is your key to leveraging any other parties' API that isn't part of a channels' standard workflows.  It looks like the project/job creation isn't a standard workflow in the Quickbooks Online pipelines channel, but their QB API Guide does show that it's possible to create one via an API.  

    Admittedly, I haven't worked with Quickbooks Online (only enterprise desktop on our servers) so my advice on exact actions/code is pretty limited, but I have leveraged the JSON Handler to do some non-standard actions thru Dropbox and it produced pretty darn awesome results.

    Brad Lemke
  • Hi Jennifer,

    I don't use Quickbooks and Pipelines together myself but in our help doc we do have a section on How to use QuickBooks Online Projects in a pipeline. It goes through the steps to turn on Projects for that feature, does that help with what you are looking for?

    Evan Martinez