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3 years ago

Pipeline to Outlook


I have a pipeline created that sends a email with links to our billing documents, since we can't actually attach documents to the email.  For any given job, we may have six to eight different documents.  For the jobs that have fewer documents, I have dead links showing up in the email. Is there a way to only have the links show up if there is in fact a valid link in the field?

Lenny Brooks

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  • How about making a formula like this

    IF([my file attachment field]<>"", [my link formula])

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • How are you attaching a file to the email using your pipeline? I was trying to figure this out and wasn't able to.

    Sorry, read your original post wrong. I see you are including links. Disregard this response!

    Mike Tamoush