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2 years ago

Pipeline to populate Multi-select field choice

We have a multi-select field called "Portfolio" in the Projects table. When a fundraiser is added (from another table) to the projects, we would like to have their dept checked in the "Portfolio" field but not uncheck other choices already checked. Right now it is done manually but usually missed getting done. Pipelines does not allow for writing code to a multi-select field. How can I 'check' a choice in a multi-select without affecting the other choices checked?

Amy Gosz

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  • I have not tested but I would assume that you can populate into a multi select field by the format like

    apples ; oranges ; pears

    so delimited by a space semicolon space.

    You should be able to make a native formula text field where you would take the ToText value of the existing value on that multi select field and then if it's missing one you want, then make a formula field to append on the extra choice and then have the Pipeline pickup that native text formula field to use to populate the multi select field.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)