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2 years ago

Pipeline Trouble with Iterate over CSV records.

I'm trying to create a Pipeline which will
Trigger on the upload of a CSV file to a Quickbase table,
Then Fetch the file,
Then Iterate over CSV records
Then For Each, Create a record in a Quickbase table.

The issue that I'm having is the try as I might, the process will not "see" the first column of the CSV file. I had to introduce a dummy column in column  A of the CSV file to get the Pipeline to "see" both subsequent columns.  In my small test I only have two columns to import - (ie two fields) and before I introduced the extra dummy column, it would always leave the field blank for the data in column A of the CSV file.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

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  • I'm running into this issue right now w/ a pipeline. The trouble is I don't have direct control over the CSV I'm receiving so inserting a dummy column isn't as easy as it would be normally. Did anyone find a solution to this? Is it a known bug that just hasn't been fixed yet?

    Oddly enough it seems... inconsistent? I'm working on building a few different pipelines with the same framework, just for different CSV files. My 1st pipeline had this issue, but it seems to have fixed itself? I added a dummy column to a fake version just to see if that fixed it & it did, but I'm not able to add the fake column as easily to the real file. However, it seems to be working anyway now with the real file, despite no dummy column? Subsequently, My 2nd pipeline is now having the same problem. I'm about to upload another fake version w/ a dummy column just once to see if that forces the pipeline to recognize the 1st column & start behaving the way it should moving forward.

    Harrison Smith