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2 years ago


Hello Community 

How can I create a pipeline that changes a checkbox at a specific time every day?

For example:
Monday 23:00
check box = true

Tuesday 23:00
checkbox = false

In this way my email will be sent when that checkbox field is edited.

Thk u very much.


Herberth Solano.

Herberth Solano

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  • Create a scheduled pipeline that runs every day at 23:00: Scheduling pipelines – Quickbase Help

    The first step should search for the records you want to update.  Then under the "for each record, do" branch, add an if statement: Adding conditions – Quickbase Help

    If the checkbox field is unchecked, update the record from step A so that the checkbox is checked.  Else, update the record from step A to make the checkbox unchecked.

    Tyler Jablonski
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      I do what Tyler has listed with multiple pipelines.

      Prashant Maheshwari
  • I'm not sure I totally understand your goal. I'd suggest something similar to Tyler, but I suggest putting the conditional outside of the loop when possible. Maybe consider a formula field that houses the "answer" and a single Pipeline can set the result to that instead?

    Although, I probably would model the data differently (e.g. using child records) so the data doesn't override itself. It depends on your use case and whether you'd like cleaner audit trails!