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3 years ago

Pipelines and Dynamic Form Rules

I currently have a pipeline that creates a record and populates a certain field.  I have a dynamic form rule that says that when that field is populated, change the value of another field to match that field.  When my pipeline runs and creates the record, the dynamic form rule is not triggering.  I have tried adding another pipeline to run to update the record but that doesn't trigger the dynamic form rule either.  If I go into the record and click edit then save then the form rule triggers.  So my question is how do I get my pipeline to trigger a dynamic form rule?  Creating a record and updating a record is not working.  Thanks for the help!

Amber Goodman

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  • A Dynamic Form Rule is called a Dynamic From Rule because it only works on Forms.  ie, a real life person is editing a record on the screen by hand. So there is not a way to have a pipeline trigger a dynamic form rule. You would have to build that into the pipeline logic.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      So I have this same problem essentially, and I get the logic behind the way it works. I added a form rule and now I need to go back and trigger that rule on some past records.  How do I transfer that form rule logic into a pipeline?  And maybe more importantly, is using a pipeline a better "best practice" for this situation instead of a form rule anyway?  This sort of shows a limitation to a form rule.  Suggestions?  I have over 800 records that I do not want to manually edit and save changes to just to trigger that form rule.  I would like to say this is the last time I will add  a form rule after I need it to be working but.....

      Mark Strassel