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3 years ago

Pipelines; can't remove a "Stop Pipeline"

I made a pipeline that has a trigger when a record is updated, then an if statement (if [field val] > 0) then create record, else "Stop Pipeline".  I have this iterate over 10 fields to check if [field val] > 0 and a "Stop Pipeline" for every else (the way my data is formatted is linear, if the second field checked IS NOT > 0 then the third field checked will never be > 0 and so on).  I put the "Stop Pipeline" in for the purpose of ending it as soon as it has made all the records it can; however I realized I wanted it to do more after all the records are created, but it will always reach a "Stop Pipeline" while creating records.  When I go edit the pipeline I can delete the "Stop Pipeline" (after every else) but when I refresh the page, they come back.  Is there a way to permanently remove these?  Or a way to "hard save" the pipeline? (like an automation)

P.S. I am editing the pipeline while it is off, making my adjustments, then turning it on and refreshing the page

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  • I had the same issue recently and ended up having to delete the entire branch. Mine was the last branch in the logic tree, though, so I didn't really lose much. For your situation, I would suggest going through the Import process where you can edit the YAML and take it out there before importing the updated version as a new Pipeline. Hopefully, that will fix it!

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