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2 years ago

pipelines update parent record from child record


I have two tables. 

parent named location has a field serial number
child named equipment also has a field new serial number 

they are related by parent - Record #ID with a text reference proxy  "location ID" to the child.

the trigger is set so when i create / change a child record and i fill in "set" a new serial number I would like the parent serial number updated to serial number in the child..

I have tried many options

 I can't seem to find out how to push the new serial number from the child to the serial number field in the parent table. 



Nic M

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  • Did you ever solve this by the way?  Stuck on the exact same issue.

    Brittany Lipinski
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      This should be easy.  You would trigger a Pipeline when the child record is added or edited and the serial changes. 
      Then search for the parent record based on the  field for related parent in your app.
      The a For Each loop to update the serial.  In practise there will only be one parent to update, arising out of the For Each Loop.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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        You're right - that was such a simple fix.  Thank you!  I was making it way more complicated 🤦‍♀️

        Brittany Lipinski