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10 months ago

Pipelines Update record when Sharepoint file is uploaded

I have a Quickbase Table for tracking monthly survey completion status across multiple people/records. Lets say I have 5 records, Each record is named from 001 to 005 instead of the person's name. Within each record, there are fields to track 1-month survey status, 2-month survey status, 3-month survey status, etc.

When a survey is completed, I upload it to Sharepoint. Each file name follows the same structure: "001_1M_Survey_05.20.2023.pdf" i.e. (ID_Month_File_Date).

I am trying to create a Pipeline that automatically updates the respective record status to Complete in real-time once I upload the file. If I upload 002's 3-month survey on 08/01/2023, I need the Quickbase record for 002, the field 3-month survey status to automatically update to Complete.

So far, I have tried splitting the file name using a delimiter, separating the file name into 3 variables: ID, month, and date. Once the file name is split into 3 variables, I could fill the correct Record respectively.
Ahmed Gul