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3 months ago

Pipelines 'You are offline', not saving, and more

Does anyone else have trouble with pipelines either telling them:

  1. Looks like you are offline (in the middle of building the pipeline)
  2. Not saving your changes (if I try to refresh the page or leave, it keeps saying, if you leave you will lose your changes - yet I have no way to force save the changes)
  3. Generally running and loading VERY slowly (more slowly in the last few months)

If it is just me, I'll contact customer support. However, wondering if it is others as well? These annoyances are especially critical now that they are ending life of webhooks.

Mike Tamoush

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    Qrew Commander

    Constant issues with it saving changes. No clear reason why but it happens randomly it seems. The worst one for me is when you make changes to the Pipeline and it appears the changes were saved because it does everything you expect. Then you reload the Pipeline and your changes are missing that were just completed. Sometimes it takes 4-5 times of doing this dance to finally have all of your changes reflected as you change them each time and reload some stick and some don't.

    At this point it feels like a feature it has been happening for so long.

  • Mike, just chiming in, my experience is verbatim what you have, and as you said, doubly frustrating as all things are being funneled to pipelines 

    Jeremy Myer