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3 years ago

Please help validate my ideas for creating reports

Dear community members,

I am a rookie to the QuickBase reporting function and want to know if my vision of some reports could be done. 

It is the beginning of the year, and my company starts to calculate the sales commission rate for the sales reps. I created a sales commission amount for each order, however, some orders have more than one sales rep. Thus, the commission amount of the order has to be split into 2+ amounts sometimes for the main sales rep and secondary sales rep(s) (list of users).

Is there a grouping method that can allow me to group the amount of sales commission for the same sales rep, when either the sales rep is the main sales rep or a secondary sales rep?

I also thought about creating a commission table and did it, but still cannot solve the problem.

Please advise.


Davy Ou

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  • One solution would be to coax that list of users into the format of a multi select field as then you can use a Dynamic filter on that field.  but i think it would take a short one on one session with you to get that working.  Contact me my my email address in my signature line if you want to take this off on line.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • Davy,

    I worked with Mark when I was new, and he was incredibly helpful. If you need further help than what the community can provide, I definitely recommend reaching out to him!

    Mike Tamoush