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3 months ago

Please Upvote This Feedback - Allow for hiding of green + mark on mobile

There has been a documented bug on mobile for about 9 years, that they never fixed. I thought years ago I created a feedback for this, but I guess I didn't. The bug is that any embedded report link on mobile has a green + mark that users can use to create new records. This is supposed to be hidden when using the 'hide add New Buttons' in your user role permissions, but it does not work.

Thus, if you have a custom button, users can bypass it. Also, if your report link is not for a child table, users can create orphaned records. 

If you have run into this issue, please go here and upvote! Quickbase has stated they will not fix mobile bugs since they are working on the new mobile reports, however, they said this 5 years ago so I am hoping not to wait another 5 years for this fix!

Mike Tamoush
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