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7 months ago

Possible Formula help

I have a field that I would like to set up if certain selections are made then I want the field below it to only populate the additional options based off of that selection. I would like to do this without creating multiple fields for the selection categories and not have to use a dynamic rule. 

    is it possible to set up 2 fields to interact this way without using a dynamic rule?


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    • Quickbase supports a conditional drop dow where be list of choices offered when selecting a related parent is conditional on a matching value previously selected.


      For example:  Set up a table of Car Models with two fields being Make and Model and load it up with these pairs

      GM Blazer

      GM Chevy Bolt

      GM Cadillac

      Toyoto RAV 4

      Toyota Corolla

      This table will be the parent in the relationship to select the field with will be conditioned on a previous choice.

      So on your detail records you would select say GM from a list of Makes, and then set the field properties for the field for Related Model to be conditional on the Make,  so that once you select GM you'll only see three choices offered. 


      Then on he 

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)