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3 years ago

possible report link mistakes


I'm somehow having a problem on a report link field. It was working then it stopped and im not sure what went wrong.

Two apps. The first app has a Steps table, these steps are related to a Task table in the same app.
On the Steps form, the user can click a url button that then goes to the 2nd app and fills in some information that i use as a unique value to set up the report link e.g. the minimum record id# of a step that is related to the same Task, let's say this number is 300.

The second app is for requests. In this instance, the user can request to reset a Step. The report link is for me to see the Steps the user has in a specific Task. Numeric 300 is automatically put in the form of the 2nd app, yet it doesn't show any data in the report link. I thought maybe i had to save the form but even after doing this, the data wouldn't show. I've made sure 300 is unique and the matching field and the target field is all good.

What could i be possibly doing incorrectly? I've made sure the fields are both numeric, I'm an admin in both apps so it can't be permissions, and it was working before... there isn't a limit for report link fields, is there?

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