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2 years ago

Possible to use Report Search bar for a 'not contains'

I know in the search bar for a report, you can use the OR operator or AND operator when searching. Are there any other operators that work, and if so is there a list somewhere? Particularly something like NOT CONTAINS or NOT EQUAL. Something where someone can search by excluding a word?

Mike Tamoush

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    bump cuz i want to know as well!

    Tim D
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      I have never heard of a negative way to do this out of the box but it's possible to create a single record where users would enter search criteria to include or omit or not contain, things like that and then make a relationship  so that the data entry flows down to to the target table.  Then have a formula to calculate the search results and show them on that single search record  as an embedded report.

      If there are a lot of users unable to get tangled up with each other there's another technique so that each user would have their own unique search record. But the idea is the same collect the data flow down to the details and have a formula down in the details to calculate whether the record qualifies in the search results and show the search results on the embed a table on the search record.  

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)