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2 years ago

Pressing a formula Rich Text button in an email

I have a form with a status and a rich text button. The button says:

'If Status = XXX, then perform an edit api and change multiple fields (including the status field),
Else Display record.'

I have this button in a notification email. If they press the button from the email, it performs the first part, modifies, and changes the status.

However, if you remain on the email (say you forgot you already pushed the button), and push the button again, it still performs the first part no matter what. Clearly the status isn't realized in subsequent button pushes - perhaps the status is sort of 'frozen in time' and passed somewhere in the email?

Anyone knows what actually is happening, and if there is a work around? What can I do to avoid someone pushing the button twice from the email, and changing things in ways they shouldnt be changed?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Right now my thought is to make a second button that just checks a box, and that box triggers a webhook that performs the same actions if the box is checked (or a pipeline, but pipelines take so long to run...). Then use this second button in the email.

    That way if they press the button a second time, it cant check the box again, as it is already checked.

    But if anyone has a simpler solution....I am all ears!

    UPDATE: This idea does not work in my case because one of the fields being changed is a logged multiple choice field. The webhook logs the wrong name (as the webhook is fired using the Service Account Login).

    Back to the drawing board...ideas??

    Mike Tamoush
  • The formula is used to create the HTML which is then sent off in the email.
    At that point it is no longer a formula but plain HTML which won't change.
    So if at the time of generating the notification the resulting html was a URL to make API calls, it will stay that way forever, even if they close and reopen the email

    Simon H