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3 years ago

Print dialog box changes underlying colors

I ran into something today and am thinking it is so basic that someone else must have solved it by now....

I have a table report that uses a red/yellow/white color scheme to highlight certain records. The problem that I have run into is that when I attempt to print the report, the built-in dialog box below appears on top of the report:

When I click the "Print" button, whatever record is underneath the button is getting selected, which changes the color of the record to a blueish color for the printout. 

The dialog box cannot be moved outside the report window, so there is no way to position it someplace where it will not change the color of a record. I am minimizing the impact for now by positioning the button over the last record in the report and hoping nobody questions the color.

Anyone else run into this? What did you end up doing?



Brian Petzold
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