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Qrew Captain
3 years ago

Problem with lookup field list item

PARENT TABLE:  Subs/Suppliers
CHILD TABLE:  Sub Payroll

FIELD I'm having trouble with: [Completed by:]

Report Type:  Table
Use in grid edit mode to select [Completed by:] name

Please see attachment for more detail.


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  • Yeah, that one is not so obvious.

    In fact what you need to do is create a form, yes a dummy form, which simply lists all the fields that you want to use on your grid edit report. Now that you have a form you can set the form properties to use a report of just active drop down choices.

    I usually name the form something like used for grid edit.

    And now that you have multiple forms on the forms usage tab you will be able to select forms usage and specify that when you're using that particular table report and it goes into grid edit mode use that particular grid edit form for that.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)